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Since Fuyoh Kaiun Co., Ltd. was incorporated in 1949, we have dealt with customs clearance to import/export freight in our foothold of Niihama Port, Ehime where our consignors are primarily a group of Sumitomo companies. We have steadily run along with our company policies of credibility and reliability in spite of our small scale of business that is expert in import/export trade and customs clearance. Thanks to all of people, we are nearly reaching to the sixtieth anniversary in the next year.

The surroundings of import and export are substantially changing.
Globalization is going on in all fields of business, human resources, commodity, and funds that will result in more e-commerce trading procedures and system centralization. While customs formalities of import/export are intended to be more simplified, a new system is implemented to classify companies that will evaluate a company in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and social rules. The new system is intended to make a great difference in inspections and procedures required, based on the classification.

It will be required to constantly adopt updated information that helps to understand applicable laws and regulations to comply with "Trade-related laws and ordinances"in this field. Thus, more appropriate professional is demanded to respond its market needs.

Our company will make constant efforts for our clients and all business associates that shall continue to be the most reliable professional partner for them in the fields of trade, freight handling, and customs clearance associated with import/export.

We thank you for your patronage and we look forward to a continuing relationship with you in the years to come.

Shoichi Noma
Representative Executive
Fuyoh Kaiun Co., Ltd.