Corporate Policy

Management Principles

We will manage our business in the way that we earn profits as we serve our clients, and we also enjoy working. We will comply with applicable laws and regulations, and social rules as a part of society in order to steadily continue our business.

We will not pursue profits to stretch to make a deal, and we are faithful of credibility as our top priority. We will aim at all clients and business associates to be satisfied, and be prosperous together.

Management Policies

  1. As our business environment changes, we will quickly reform our corporate structure, business operation system, and human resources, and thus we will continue to grow.
  2. We will not forget caring of others anytime, and attempt to have well-balanced business with them.
  3. We will focus on education and training that share acknowledges and experiences gained in order to aim at higher quality of work.
  4. We will comply with applicable laws and regulations, and social rules. We will be fair, and be in good faith that consider about environments to be a social model.
  5. We will care people to have a good personal relationship with our clients, and business associates internally and externally in all matters. We will also respect courtesy.
  6. Our primary policy is to provide all merchandises and services being shipped in good conditions, as well as to provide safety and security for our client.
  7. We will prepare for an accident as prerequisites that may arise anytime, even if we are cautious to have no accident, and no disaster.